Ignore case while find query using Mongodb.

Use This Criteria

How to add CORS with Spring?

1st Example For All Location

2nd Example For Validate which location and which method to allow

How To Register Multiple Interceptor In Spring MVC?

Create Configuration Class extends with WebMvcConfigurerAdapter

Find List of Object passing String of Array Using java 8?

Simple way to find List of Object

How To Count the number of Repeated String inside the paragrap?

Here the example of Count repeated string in java

Output:- 2

Pagination with Hibernate using HQL

At this point we can look at a complete example for pagination, where we are calculating the last page and then retrieving it:

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How to Sum Values From Specific Field Of The Objects In a List. Java 8

Now, how can I find in Java8 with streams the sum of the values of the int fields field from the objects in list lst under a filtering criterion

(e.g. for an object o, the criterion is o.field > 10)?

Suppose to have a class Abc

How to kill tomcat service running on any port, Windows?

1) Click Start Menu

2) Find CMD and then right Click and Open it into Administrator Mode

kill tomcat task